Photoshop Stencil Effect

Photoshop Stencil Effect

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Photoshop stencil effect that you can create using your photos, illustrations, logos, text, etc.

There is no need to learn how to turn your photo into a stencil in Photoshop from scratch. This easy to use stencil Photoshop action will do the hard work for you.


  • Photoshop Stencil Effect Action
  • Tested and working with Photoshop CS and CC, all language versions
  • This action is not entirely for print. (the backgrounds and brushes are NOT 300dpi)
  • Requirements: RGB color, 8 bit, 72 DPI recommended
  • Easy to Edit and Customize
  • Little Photoshop Skills Required
  • created by PSDDude

How to make stencil from photo in Photoshop?

Use my stencil maker from photo and convert image to stencil in just a few simple steps.

The stencil effect Photoshop action pack comes with 3 seamless wall backgrounds and a set of 6 spray paint Photoshop brushes.

How to make a Banksy stencil in Photoshop?

Use my graffiti stencil maker and paint your own Banksy stencil on walls, posters, floors, fabrics or furniture.


1. Add your photo

2. Paint over the area that you want to convert to stencil art

3. Play the Stencil action

4. Choose one of the seamless wall backgrounds (Credit: textures for Photoshop)

5. Customize the result: The graffiti stencil has two colors that you can customize. By default, the Photoshop stencil maker creates Banksy stencil art with colors dark blue and white. Use the spray brushes to complete the effect.

This street Photoshop action will turn pictures into stencils.

The photo to stencil action works great for making stencil portraits with one or two layers of color.

If you are looking for a stencil maker Photoshop tool, try this one.

Create a stencil portrait Photoshop effect and customize the appearance to your liking. Use the spray brush Photoshop pack to make a realistic spray effect Photoshop artwork.

Check out the preview stencil images for inspiration. Choose the right photos and create a Photoshop graffiti effect in Bansky style.

Use this action for making: stencil graffiti Photoshop effect, spray paint effect Photoshop artwork, spray paint stencil effect Photoshop art, distressed effect Photoshop artwork, Photoshop street art and stencil art Photoshop effect.

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